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Imagining a Lost Letter

Mileva Maric was a brilliant, disciplined student.  Unlike Einstein, she actually attended class, took notes, studied all night.  Her roommates, other female Eastern European students who also lived at 50 Pattenstrasse, reported that her light would go out briefly for … Continue reading

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What Is Schizophrenia, Anyway?

No, Einstein was not schizophrenic. But his son, Eduard was. And Mileva’s sister. I have media-inspired notions of schizophrenia, such as from the movie A Beautiful Mind, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but wasn’t sure how a visual … Continue reading

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The Method, So Far

The biography reading is so extensive, it would be easy to digest entire volumes and have no clue where anything is. That’s what an index is for, of course, and they are blessedly helpful. When I researched the Darwin book, … Continue reading

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Are You a Creative Genius?

I’m still hanging out in the Jurgen Neffe biography of Einstein, where he talks about the recurrent personality traits of geniuses (p. 25) based on research by Howard Gardner of Harvard. Gardner compared Einstein with the likes of Picasso, Freud, … Continue reading

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Diagnosing a Genius

According to Jurgen Neffe (Einstein, pp. 36-7), various behaviors that Einstein exhibited as a child, specifically delayed speech, fits of temper, an ability to detach and focus on an interest in a way that rendered him inaccessible to those around … Continue reading

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A Ghoulish Demise

Jurgen Neffe begins his biography of Einstein at the autopsy (Neffe, Einstein, p. 3-5). The hospital is in Princeton, New Jersey; the medical examiner is Thomas Harvey. Neffe describes the Y-shaped cut: “He places his scalpel behind one of the … Continue reading

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Photo Gallery

Everyone is familiar with the iconic pictures of Einstein as an old man. He has a wild halo of white hair and looks somewhat mad. As with Darwin, whose iconic photo also shows him as old, bearded, and white-haired, I … Continue reading

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The Mileva Maric Controversy

Einstein married his classmate, Mileva Maric, the only woman in theoretical physics to enter Zurich Polytechnical Institute the same year. She was four years his elder and a disciplined student, having worked very hard to gain entrance to boys/men’s institutions … Continue reading

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Literary Quote of the Day

On my homepage I have a Google gadget called Literary Quote of the Day.  Today’s is by Henry Miller–whom I am surprised to find myself quoting.  I once saw a documentary-style biopic on him in which he, a skinny, hollow-chested … Continue reading

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