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The Squirrely Place

I’m reading the biography, learning the science, and still, I’m in that awful, squirrely place where the locus of the novel refuses to emerge.  I watched a Nova dvd over the weekend, one called Einstein Revealed, and am somewhat into … Continue reading

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Regarding Lieserl

Despite having the highest grades in his graduating class at the Zurich Polytechnic, Einstein was unable to find a job after graduation.  It was understood that such a student would become the assistant to one of the professors there, but … Continue reading

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Acedia and Me, too

I’ve been reading Acedia by Kathleen Norris, a book about sloth—both words so seldom used the computer software underlines them in red, as if each is a misspelling of some valid word.  Called the Noonday Demon by the Desert Fathers, … Continue reading

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A possible frame for the Einstein novel

Today I read an article on Einstein that might provide a possible frame for the next book.  I’m not far enough in to say for certain, but the article presents a possibility.,9171,1211594-7,00.html The materials seem to be there, in print, translated … Continue reading

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