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On my homepage I have a Google gadget called Literary Quote of the Day.  Today’s is by Henry Miller–whom I am surprised to find myself quoting.  I once saw a documentary-style biopic on him in which he, a skinny, hollow-chested old man, treaded water in a swimming pool and talked about himself incessantly, like a bad book trailer on YouTube.  Alas, he pops up onto my homepage to say something important, which on my good days, I actually believe:   “Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith.  Enthusiasm is nothing; it comes and goes.  But if one believes, then miracles occur.”


About Nancy Pinard

Professionally-speaking, Nancy Pinard is an author-educator who spends her days writing, teaching, reading, and researching for her writing and teaching. She is the author of two published novels, Shadow Dancing and Butterfly Soup, and numerous short stories. She has taught the craft of fiction writing in many venues including Sinclair Community College, University of Dayton Life-Long Learning Institute, Antioch Writers' Workshop, Mad Anthony Writers' Workshop, and Molasses Pond Writers' Workshop. Personally, her faith is what sustains, inspires, and motivates her to continue to explore meaning through literature. "You are right in demanding that an artist approach his work consciously, but you are confusing two concepts: the solution of a problem and the correct formulation of a problem. Only the second is required of the artist." — Anton Chekov to Alexei Suvorin, October 27, 1888
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10 Responses to Literary Quote of the Day

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s a great quote. Sort of applies across the board, too. Looking forward to your New book, by the way.

  2. I’d be really interested in seeing Henry Miller’s Facebook updates.

  3. Carter says:

    I like it, I would just go further. Faith leads to knowing – knowing which is beyond knowledge because it imparts a certainty that is beyond duality. That certainty is that creater and created are one.

  4. BC says:

    Ah…faith, the evidence of things not seen. Great quote.

  5. Faith is believing in things not seen, and that’s sure the case for writing a novel ….

  6. Yes that is a very nice quote. I had never heard of it before today.

  7. vivian blevins says:

    Miller is/was disgusting. He probably wrote/said this for a reason that was self-serving.

  8. Peggy says:

    Belief in faith; faith in believing. What a dry world without this hope.
    Each morning before I began writing my never-ending memoir,I read Garrison Keilor’s The Writers’ Almanac, Reading fine, accessable poetry and tidbits about authors’ lives makes me feel a part of something large. Oh, that’s right. I am.

  9. Peggy says:

    Goodness. Typing quickly produces errors. i.e. previous post. Must use fingers, not knuckles, next time.

  10. Vickie says:

    I too believe faith creates miracles. I put my faith in God and God’s intention to create all of us to succeed.

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