Decisions, Decisions

It’s time to fictionalize.  When Einstein and Mileva went to Lake Como, it’s unknown where they spent the nights.  On the most fateful day, the day they took a horse-drawn sleigh through the blinding six meter deep snow into Splugen Pass, they spent the night together, possibly for the first time (though biographers speculate differently on this subject, perhaps more a reflection on themselves than on these two) and conceived Lieserl.  It seems like I should decide on a specific place for that.  The town at the mouth of the pass on the Italian side is Chiavenna.  Here’s what it looks like, with thanks to an Australian blogger with the user name of Souter for the pictures.  It makes sense geographically.  Is it romantic enough for their tryst?

Entrance Gate to Chiavenna    Fedele Church, Chiavenna  religious convent, Chiavenna  

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  1. Definitely romantic enough, and something that would help the reader envision the human side of two such brilliant people. I can’t wait to see this published!

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