In the beginning …

I’m realizing how hard it is to begin, not just a blog, but any bit of writing.  It feels too big, like it needs to be important what I have to say, or why say it, and why not do something else instead?  It seems that I should begin with a mission statement, why I feel the need to do this at all, or what the blog name means, what writing and faith have to do with one another.  Hopefully, I’ll get to that, but for today, I need merely to put something down and not worry if it’s meaningful in any way except to say that it’s happened–as in there, I did it.  I began.

About Nancy Pinard

Professionally-speaking, Nancy Pinard is an author-educator who spends her days writing, teaching, reading, and researching for her writing and teaching. She is the author of two published novels, Shadow Dancing and Butterfly Soup, and numerous short stories. She has taught the craft of fiction writing in many venues including Sinclair Community College, University of Dayton Life-Long Learning Institute, Antioch Writers' Workshop, Mad Anthony Writers' Workshop, and Molasses Pond Writers' Workshop. Personally, her faith is what sustains, inspires, and motivates her to continue to explore meaning through literature. "You are right in demanding that an artist approach his work consciously, but you are confusing two concepts: the solution of a problem and the correct formulation of a problem. Only the second is required of the artist." — Anton Chekov to Alexei Suvorin, October 27, 1888
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